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Notice of Alumni Manager Election 2021

Dear Old Boys of La Salle College,

Reference is made to the Notice of the Alumni Manager Election 2021 (the “Alumni Manager Election”) for the Incorporated Management Committee of La Salle College (the “IMC”) dated 13 July 2021.

As of the deadline of the nomination period (5:00 pm on 26 July 2021), we received two (2) nomination forms submitted by Mr. MAK Kwok Kwan Terence (Class of 1997) and Mr. LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (Class of 1999). Both nomination forms were subsequently verified and confirmed by the LSCOBA. 

According to the election procedures for the Alumni Manager Election, the election will be held on 31 July 2021 at the La Salle College.  Ballot boxes will be open from 9:00am to 12:00nn.

Please note that there will be no parking space available at the School and Old Boys are strongly advised to use public transport to travel to the School.  In case of black rainstorm signal or typhoon No. 8 which is still in force at 6:00 am, or closure of the School has been announced by the Education Bureau, the election will be postponed to a date and time to be further announced.

Yours in de La Salle,

Roger LEE (85)

Returning Officer 2021

Statement of personal introduction – Mr. MAK Kwok Kwan Terence

My name is Mak Kwok Kwan (Terence Mak), a 1997 graduate of LSC, and I am currently the Founder and Managing Director of a Family office in Hong Kong. Holding fond memories of my school days, I have been maintaining a strong bonding with Lasallians from that period of my life and it is my privilege to be nominated to run as the Alumni Manager for the Incorporated Management Committee of La Salle College for the coming year. Other than sharing old memories, I had spent a decade of my life rekindling old ties and expanding my La Salle alumni network after graduating from University of New South Wales. From 2009-2019, I was a Committee Member of the LSCOBA and was Convener of the Recreation Sub-committee, and I had the pleasure of becoming the Chairman of LSCOBA Annual Spring Dinner for the period of 2010-2019. I also participated in organizing the LSPS Diamond Jubilee Gala Dinner, La Salle College 80th Anniversary Gala Dinner and the LSCOBA Annual Ball. Remembering all the kind faces and moments, I have become very grateful for being a part of the La Salle Community.

As students and teachers come and go, everyone leaves their mark, defining what La Salle means for future generations. The Alumni network is a physical embodiment of this spirit, allowing us to foster cross-generational ties and maintain meaningful relationships. I have benefitted from the alumus networks as an undergraduate, when I was given valuable guidance for my academic and career growth. Witnessing the benefits of the alumni network first-hand, I look forward to successfully being elected as the Alumni Manager of the LSC Incorporated Management Committee.

Statement of personal introduction – Mr. LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel

My name is Kent Samuel Lau Kam Tak and I am the sitting President of La Salle College Old Boys’ Association (2020-21). I am also planning to run for my second term as the President of the LSCOBA (2021-22). I trust if I could be elected as the Alumni Manager of the IMC, I could help in enhancing better stakeholder communication among parties in La Salle, especially during the 90th Anniversary celebration of our alma mater.

Openness, transparency and diversity are the core values of modern organizations. These are the values that Mr. Kennon Tam embraces throughout his term, who has set up the excellent example as a bridge between the IMC and the Old Boys community, as well as a good mentor of our young members. I am grateful to his contributions and hope to follow his pathway as the Alumni Manager.

Same as Mr. Kennon Tam, if I could be elected as the Alumni Manager, I would work with Old Boys across generations, bringing in voice of the Old Boys community to the IMC and bring our Old Boys together to support the development of our alma mater.

I am the co-founder of a technology PR company, as well as the sitting president of alumni associations of Mechanical and Automation Engineering and Faculty of Engineering of Chinese University of Hong Kong. I will bring on my years of experience working with various stakeholders as alumni organization leader and synergize the close relationship built with stakeholders during my first term at the LSCOBA.