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Nomination Results of the Election of Committees 2021-2022

Dear Members,

Reference is made to the Notice of 2021 Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the Association dated 6 July 2021 (the “Notice”).

As of the deadline of the nomination period (28 July 2021), we received and verified the following nominations:


LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (99)

Vice President

CHAN Kwan Yeung Arnold (06)

Hon. Secretary

CHAN Yik Kan (02)

Hon. Treasurer

LAM Sheung Heng John (04)

Committee Member

CHEUNG Ming Wai Walter (88)

CHU Kwok Ngai Corum (96)

FONG Kai Kuen (17)

FONG Kwok Chung (17)

LEE Cheuk Wing Christopher (98)

LEE Kai Cheung (05)

LEUNG Kai Hong Kanne (98)

LIU Yuk Wing Paul (87)

MAK Hoi Kwan Calvin (01)

SHUM Chi Kwong Stanley (79)

TSANG Fan Chun Brian (02)

WONG Ling Wah (64)

YU Chun Ming (98)

As an additional candidate has been nominated to run for Committee Member since the issuance of the Notice and the proxy form for the AGM, to ensure fairness and compliance with the Articles of Association of the Association, the elections of the office-bearers and committee members of the Association would be postponed for at least 28 days.  The Association and the Returning Officer make necessary arrangements with the School to convene the election as soon as practicable and issue a notice and the corresponding proxy form accordingly.

Please note the AGM will convene as scheduled at 11:00 am on Saturday, 31 July 2021, at the School Hall for Members to, inter alia, consider the other proposed resolutions as stated in the Notice.

Yours in de La Salle,

Roger LEE (85)

Returning Officer 2021

P.S.: The Alumni Manager Election 2021 will NOT be postponed and will be held as scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon this Saturday, 31 July 2021.  Please refer to the announcement dated 27 July 2021 for further details.