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Message from Roger, LSCOBA President for term 2016-2017: Annual Report

Dear Valued OBA Members,

It has been a great honour to be able to serve you as the President of LSCOBA this term. As shown later in the section: “Major Events and Activities in 2016-2017,” this year has been fruitful and fulfilling in terms of the activities we held for our members.

LSCOBA is a platform where we promote fraternity and brotherhood among old boys while giving support to our Alma Mater in any possible way we can. Special efforts were made to enhance the presence of OBA and communication with members, including the use of social media, the formation of the Class Coordinator Whatsapp group, the rejuvenation of website, as well as sending regular notices to members by email, and more.

The Association now includes: 17 committee members, a part-time administrative manager, and a total of 23 subcommittees or task groups that serves over 7,500 OBA members. The more I work with different stakeholders, the more I feel indebted to their contributions to La Salle, which drives me to work harder towards meeting the five missions set early on during this term:

Bonding: To enhance bonding and connections between old boys and with different stakeholders
Support: To support and acknowledge contributors to the Lasallian education mission
Community Service: To contribute to and support those in need in our community
Publicity & Communication: To publicize the school and Lasallian achievements
Fund-raising: To raise funds to support the school and student developmental needs

All activities held have been related to these five missions set. Therefore, I give my heartfelt appreciation to the Office Bearers, the Committee, the administrative manager, the subcommittees, OBA members, and other stakeholders like past presidents, Brothers, the principals, members of the PTAs, SA, teachers, staff, students, and parents for the support throughout the year.

Due to my role as the President of LSCOBA, I was invited to the Speech Day at La Salle Primary School in November 2016 to address students as the Guest of Honour. I took the opportunity to share with them four values that I believe are important for personal development nowadays: 1) be thankful, 2) be courteous, 3) be respectful and 4) be responsible. While I have no intention of going into the details of my speech here, my intent is to share with you the values and beliefs I have been holding while serving you as the President of LSCOBA.

Mr. Hilton Cheong-Leen 張有興, a 95 years old senior old boy and a past president of La Salle College Old Boys’ Association from 1954 to 1957, once said:

We must have true La Salle Spirit, that is, to have courage, and perseverance as manifested in our school song…La Salle is always something more. We should also develop a sense of responsibility to our society besides courage. We should make use of any opportunity given to serve the public and our society…

One thing I know for sure is that we, Lasallians, have the common value where we cheer together, fight together, and share the same tears and laughter no matter where we are or where we go. Most importantly, we all shed the same blood in that we will do whatever it takes to protect what is good for our Alma Mater. Be calm and do your best. That’s all La Salle requests!

I look forward to your continuous support!

Yours in de La Salle,

Roger Lee (1985)
President 2016-2017