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Message from Mark Huang, LSCOBA President for term 2011-2012

Dear fellow Old Boys, 

The AGM of the LSCOBA was successfully held on 15th July. Thanks to those present, I was re-elected as President of the OBA to serve you for a second one year term. Please see attached the Committee list for the 2011-2012 term. 

My LSCOBA focus for the year is:
To Lead the OBA to New Heights, through Communication, Coordination and Capitalisation of the Old Boys’ Network. 

In the past year, I was grateful for the dedication from both my Committee and Subcommittee members, as well as to all old boys who offered their support towards the OBA, either as participants or helping with some initiative for school, our students and to the OBA. 

Besides the more established events like soccer matches, golf tournaments, dinners, talks, student career and interview workshops, happy hours etc, the OBA started a number of new initiatives in the last term, including Young Old Boys (YOBs) gatherings, hosting a charity medial check up and pun-choi dinner for the underprivileged in the near-by districts, to a Mass for deceased Lasallians and more heritage related activities. I target to do more in the coming year. 

Strategic Planning for the OBA’s 2011-2012 term – YOUR VIEWS PLEASE! 

Before calling the first committee meeting of the new term, my team and I are working on consider new initiatives. I am running an OBA Strategic Planning workshop with my committee middle of August, so that we have time to gather and listen to comments from our old boys members of what they hope the OBA could focus more on, and to strategically plan for what we target to achieve in the coming term.As such, I would like to ask for comments from all old boys:

  • What would you like the OBA to focus on in the coming term? For Old Boys, for the school, for our students and for the Brothers?
  • What are some initiatives or or ideas that you’d like us to consider in our coming Strategic Meeting?

Please send us your comments by emailing [email protected] on or before 10th August, next Wednesday.  

I will keep you posted on the outcome of our Strategic Plan meeting, and what we target to carry out in the coming term. 

I look forward to serving you and the school in the coming term. 

Yours in the Lasallian brotherhood, 

Mark Huang