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Message from Leonard Chu, LSCOBA President for term 2015-2016

Dear fellow Old Boys,

It is my honor and privilege to be re-elected as the LSCOBA President and together with my cabinet, we are committed to use our best endeavors to carry out the mission of the LSCOBA.

From my past 9 years of working with LSPS and LSC in various capacities, I have come to learn that there are limitations faced by a government aided school, and each affiliated organization, namely, PTA, OBA and LSF, play a different role in supporting our school.  In order for La Salle to be able to deliver quality education for all with above standard facilities and teaching staff, we need extra funding.  The funding for hardware has largely been taken care by the LSF but there extra funding is needed to run our school effectively on top of the government subvention that the EDB is providing. 

We have established a new subcommittee called the Fund Raising subcommittee.  Our main focus for this year is not only achieve a specific target, but also to launch a sustainable program which will continually provide the additional funding required by our mother school.  The Overseas Network Group (ONG) will play a vital role for our alumni residing outside of Hong Kong. 

集腋成裘 is the essence of this sustainable fund raising program.  We have 83 years of history and aren’t we the one alumni association which is always proud of how united and faithful we are to our mother school?  What we are hoping is that fellow alumni can contribute a little every year, for a few years, and once we get this rolling, we can make a hard-to-achieve target from impossible to becoming our norm. 

That’s why we have named the theme of our upcoming Annual Ball “The Impossible Mission”! 

Promoting fraternity will always be one of our primary objectives and from the success of the Medical Professional Network last year, this year, we will continue to expand our Professional Networks three professional areas, namely Medical, Legal and Finance & Accounting.  We look forward to seeing many Lasallians in these professions, sharing and helping each other.  Our young Lasallians need your help and guidance! 

Time flies and this is the second term of my presidency.  As I mentioned last year when I was elected as the LSCOBA President, I hope to do my best for a maximum of two-year term.  In my last term as president, I hope that I can gain some momentum and energize our Old Boys Network to help our mother school to run more effectively so that our glorious lights can shine brighter!

I would now like to introduce you to my great team.  I have invited 3 new committee members to join my cabinet this year, and I believe that they will contribute greatly to further our objectives this term.  Please refer to the link to the profile of my cabinet. 

Together we will work hard to bring more Old Boys together! 

Yours in de La Salle,

Leonard Chu (83)

President, LSCOBA 2015-2016

Email: [email protected]