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Message from Kent, LSCOBA President for term 2020-2021 on LSCOBA Express (April Edition)

Dear Members,

I congratulate the launch of the LSCOBA Express, which aims at providing a quick and overall update of what the LSCOBA has initiated recently to serve our Members and the Lasallian community. I hope you would appreciate this e-newsletter as another channel to understand more on our work. 

Speaking of new means to communicate with Members, we held our first Town Hall Meeting in January 2021. We introduced what we had achieved in our first quarter, and our plan to move ahead. Due to COVID-19, we would only be able to report to our Members via Zoom, but online format also allows us to connect seamlessly and instantly with Members overseas. Our next Town Hall Meeting will be on 28th April 2021. I hope to see you and hear from you again. 

We need new ideas and ways to stay connected within LSCOBA in times of social distancing. I am proud that my Committee members were never short of creative ideas, and they overcome challenges to implement many. We held Requiem Mass with live broadcasting; we invited Old Boys to speak in a series of online inspirational talks of various topics; we did a movie screening and sharing online; we finished the LSCOBA FIFA tournament when all of us stayed at home during Christmas and New Year time. 

We also started the below online platforms.  Please visit and follow them –

• Lasallian Sports Channel [Click here] – providing updates on sports events and achievements by Lasallians

• The Lasallian Shop By LSCOBA [Click here] – pick and make your purchase of La Salle products, at anytime and anywhere you want

• LSC4LIFE [Click here] – a parallel Facebook page sharing La Salle news 

One more thing. We focus on our service to Young Members, therefore we have started our LSCOBA Mentorship Program in March, partnering up more than a hundred pairs of Old Boys. We have set up support groups in various local universities. Together with a several newly-found professional networks, we hope to provide more concrete assistance for our younger boys.

I thank the editorial team for their efforts in putting this newsletter together, and hope you enjoy reading. 

Yours in La Salle, 

Kent Lau