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Message from Herman, LSCOBA President for term 2019-2020

Dear Members of the Association:

The 2019-20 school year has been a challenging and testing times for the School, the Association and most certainly, every fellow Lasallians, as Hong Kong and other places were affected by the COVID-19 virus.  Our daily lives and routines have more than being affected or changed as some may say.  As you are aware, the prevailing situation has imposed significant limitations over our ability in offering of our services to you, but for good reasons and in compliance with recommendations from the Government of the HKSAR, we have decided to take on unwilling decisions to put a halt on most of our normal activities, gatherings and even Sunday sports games, all for safety and health reasons.  Your understanding and trust have been of great support to us during such difficult times.

Nevertheless, The Association continued to render our support to the Lasallian Family wherever and whenever feasible.  From lining up of experts to provide sanitization services to the School’s campus, to the donation of face masks, to provide body temperature checking devices to staff and students when classes resumed to make sure that the School is a safe place to return to.  This would not have been possible without those of you who were there to lend a generous helping hand.  My heartfelt appreciation to all of you who truly demonstrated the Lasallian spirits as an Old Boy by contributing back and supporting the school and current students in various ways.

Moving on, updates on what to look forward to.

This year we have 2 cabinets contesting at the election.  As the outgoing President presiding over perhaps one of the most interesting time any Presidents who has taken office, I would like  to share a few words of advice to both teams, no matter who will ended up with the honor to continue the heritage and lead this prestigious organization on behalf of all fellow Lasallians.  And they are as follows:

Our beloved Alma Mater deserves unfailing, committed, and impartial support that can accommodate broad interests and beliefs of all parties, which not only limited to just Lasallians, but those connected to any Lasallians, and above all, affected by deeds and actions of us Lasallians.

You will need to employ and deploy all of our combined wisdom to support the School to continue the true spirit of La Salle education as well as its mission for the betterment of our next generations.

You must endure and overcome emotions and temptations during the current volatile climate that will lead to separations of the Lasallian brotherhood spirit that we all have shared for decades.  It is not an easy task for anyone amidst the waves of extreme views and opinions that has demonstrated how much destructions can be caused to any communities, let alone ours.

Above all, you must bear in mind that only one thing matters, that whatever you and your cabinet decide to pursue, you are here to serve our Alma Mater and our students.

We must understand that this is not a time to venture at our own will.  Rather, this is a time when Old Boys Get Together to help each other steer through stormy waters.  To keep an eye for all of our fellow brothers.  To watch each other’s back.  To accommodate different point-of-views.  And to keep up unbiased communication to all, with all.

Simply put, this is not a time to bring if not create more challenges and conflicts for our School, our principal, our teaching staff and the La Sallian community.  This is the time for you to nurture and support.

It has been an honor to serve in the old boys’ community and this will be my last term serving as the President of the Association. I wish you all good health and happiness in years to come.. With your generous guidance and unfailing support, I have strong confidence that the Association will sail past this challenging and testing times.

Last but not least, I look forward to celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the School starting in 2021-2022 school year with you all.  A huge but honorable task for the next President and his Committee.  Preparation will commence soon, with little time to waste.  With your continuous support, I firmly believe that the Association, OUR ASSOCIATION, will make good use of this opportunity, and with all possible steps, dedication, efforts and focus to support our Alma Mater, and at all costs, to uphold the Lasallian’s spirit and brotherhood.

Thank you and may God Bless you all.

yours in La Salle,

Herman BO (89)

LSCOBA President