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LSCOBA Christmas Ball Message

Let me extend my warm welcome to all old boys, spouses, teachers and guests.

This is my second year as your President and while we are celebrating this joyful event with our friends and family, we must remember the true meaning of Christmas.

Our school started in 1932 and we are approaching the 75th Anniversary. Tonight’s event will have no meaning if not for the faith of our Founder – St John Baptize de la Salle. He truly believed that education is for all the youth in the world and he devoted his whole life for this one single important purpose. We are all the benefactors of his great vision.

Back in 1720, our Founder and the early Christian Brothers compiled “The Conduct of Schools handbook”. It calls for schools with plentiful light, proper ventilation, large enough rooms, appropriate tables and chairs – and indoor lavatories. The Conduct lays down this basic principle: “The schools should be arranged in such a manner that both the teachers and the students can easily fulfill their duties.” But what about our duties as an old boy?

United in the quest of fulfilling the dream of our Founder and the Christian Brothers. It is so that love, loyalty, and intellect may flourish – and that our younger generation can receive a truly human and Christian education. To build a devoted cohorts of alumni involving in this new epoch of commitments; as teachers and administrators, as trustees and regents, as expert advisors and generous donors, as loyal old boys who share and believe in the Lasallian vision.

Let this flame of La Salle Spirit glow eternally.

I wish to congratulate our Ball Chairman Mr. Charles Chan and the organizing committee for bringing us this memorable night.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Dr. Bernard Kong (’76)
President, LSCOBA 2005/06