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LSCOBA Career Talks: Day 1 and Day 2

It is a tradition for our Student Affairs Subcommittee to organize Career Talks with the School’s Careers Team, and LSCOBA would invite Old Boys to return to school and share their career experience with students. Due to the pandemic, we have to hold these Talks online this year.

On March 27 and April 10, four online sessions of Career Talks were organized. They were for the professions of Medicine & Dentistry, Business Start-ups, Legal, and Science & Research. We are grateful to the following Old Boys for their invaluable sharing with students:

Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Thomas Fung (96), Dr. Michael Mui (96), Dr. Clement Tang (96), Dr. Clarence Leung (03), Dr. Fergus Wong (04), Dr. John Chan (10), Mr. Jonathan Ma (15), Mr. Henry Lee (18)

Business Start-ups

Mr. Alex Cheng (88), Mr. Arnold Chan (06), Mr. Billy Lui (13), Mr. Oscar Yip (15)


Mr. David Fong (88), Mr. Alan Ng (91), Mr. Mori Cheng (13), Mr. Justin Lam (17)

Science & Research

Mr. Alan Cheung (91), Dr. Tim Tam (94), Mr. Jonathan Lee (15)

About 100 students in total from Form 4 and Form 5 joined different sessions in separate Zoom rooms. Old Boys speakers shared their experience and insights, followed by Q&A. We heard many intelligent questions from the students!

During the Talk, Dr. Thomas Fung, an Otorhinolaryngologist, highlighted to students that “if you eventually choose the medical profession, you will have very strong support from many old boy doctors and dentists, both for your study and career.”

Mr. Alex Cheng, Co-Founder & General Partner of Ooosh Tech Lab, advised that “the reason to start a start-up is you have the vertical expertise to solve an innovative and unique problem rather than trying to become a boss and look cool”.

Mr. David Fong, a Barrister-at-Law, reminded that “being counsel is not a job, but rather is a calling, and the sky is your limit! Be always prepared, even prepared for the unprepared.”

Mr. Alan Cheung, Senior Director of Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, told students, “if you want to pursue research as a career, you should be able to think creatively and logically, as well as have a strong work ethic. You should also keep up with the latest technological developments in your profession.”

More Career Talks for other professions will be held in coming weeks.