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LSCOBA Career Talks: Day 3 and Day 4

On April 17 and May 8, another four online sessions of Career Talks were organized. They were for the professions of Banking & Finance, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy, Nursing & Speech Therapy, as well as IT, AI & Engineering. We are grateful to the following Old Boys for their invaluable sharing with students:

Banking & Finance

Mr. Anson Chow (03), Mr. Noel Lam (06), Mr. Sam Luk (09)

Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Mr. Joseph Law (96), Mr. Ivan Ho (98), Mr. Angus Au (14), Mr. Jacky Li (18)

Nursing & Speech Therapy

Mr. Raymond Fong (99), Mr. Nickel Suen (04), Mr. Jimmy Lai (06)

IT, AI & Engineering

Mr. Paul Chan (77), Mr. James Mok (83), Mr. Jon Lee (89), Mr. Louis Li (97), Mr. Peter Choi (98), Mr. Nelson Yip (01), Mr. Boris Kwan (12)

About 80 students in total from Form 4 and Form 5 joined different sessions in separate Zoom rooms. Old Boys’ speakers shared their experience and insights, followed by Q&A. Again, there were many interesting questions from students to follow up on various speakers!

During the Talk, Mr. Anson Chow, working in Jane Street (Quantitative Trading), reminded students that “finance as an industry is getting more diversified and plenty of career paths continue to branch out. Keeping an open mind is crucial to success. No question is a stupid question – keep asking.”

Mr. Joseph Law, a physiotherapist, advised that “physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who provides physical rehabilitation with active empathetic listening to empower patients to manage their health condition.”

Mr. Raymond Fong, a speech therapist in CUHK, told students that “speech therapists work with people, you need to like being with people, not screens, data or numbers. But you might be the only speech therapist in your workplace, thus a person who self-reflects often is important.”

Mr. Paul Chan, a veteran engineer, gave a presentation on “Innovation for Transformation – Nurturing our Younger Generation”, and provided a lot of useful insights for students to advance themselves to be future engineers.

Together with the School’s Careers Team, the Student Affairs Subcommittee of LSCOBA would continue to organize further activities for students.