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Lasallians in Olympics

La Salle is something more. In its 90 years of history, we have trained up many great sportsmen, some of them have made it to the Olympics. The LSCOBA, on October 28, will invite five La Salle Olympians back to School for an event called “Lasallians in Olympics”, in which they would share with current students on their experiences of being a professional athlete and their invaluable experiences of representing the Hong Kong Team at the Olympics. Some of them will take the chance to play with current athletes in School Teams. We have invited Mr. Ronnie M. C. Wong (1970) (swimming), Mr. Wong Wing Ki (2007) (badminton), Mr. Lee Chun Hei Reginald (2012) (badminton), Mr. Lam Siu Hang (2015) (table-tennis), and Mr. Choi Chun Yin Ryan (2015) (fencing). The Lasallian Sports Channel will provide live streaming for the whole event, starting at 10am on October 28 (Thursday).

Please stay tuned.