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Lasallian Sports Channel – Sportsman Spotlight

This year, it’s raining new shows!

In the beginning the Year of the Tiger, we are glad to announce that Sportsman Spotlight, a series of exclusive interviews with Lasallian athletes, is officially launched on Lasallian Sports Channel!

Links to the first two interviews

Wong Wing Ki Vincent (2007), Badminton

Alan Cheung (1991), La Salle College Athletics Club

All on Lasallian Sports Channel!


Introduction to the interviews:

The first episode features Vincent Wong Wing-ki (2007), one of our star athletes in “Lasallians in Olympics”. Representing the city to play in the London Olympics, Vincent was ranked top ten in the world. One of his most notable achievements would be his victory over prime Lin Dan, one of the greatest badminton players of all time.

How did La Salle education influence his badminton career? What is his most memorable scene in badminton?

Alan Cheung (1991) is the representative from La Salle College Athletics Club (LSCAC). In the second episode of Sportsman Spotlight, he talks about his views on La Salle sports development. How does LSCAC help its alma mater by encouraging and facilitating Lasallian to grow their sports talents? What can you do to show your support to our young sportsman on tracks and fields?