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Dear Fellow Old Boys,


The Grand Finale of our 75th Anniversary Celebrations, the big event Old Boys are looking forward to — The Jubilee Dinner — is less than two months away!

We have received a lot of complaints from OBs in Hong Kong and overseas that they are afraid of being left out of this gala event because seats are in short supply. Most OBs want also to bring along their spouse (very reasonable request!) and/or children (especially those studying in LSPS or LSC but the dad wants to sit with his old schoolmates). And as we get closer to event date, there are now more OBs confirming their desire to attend the Jubilee Dinner bringing us to one conclusion: More tables are needed for OBs.

We have been relentlessly requesting the organizers for more tables and I am now also in negotiation with the other parties (PTA, LSPS) to see how many tables I can pry from them. Hence, please convey this message to your fellow schoolmates: Should there be any need for seats/tables, please send in your reservations ASAP, the deadline for Phase 2 bookings is 31st October. Please refer to the following URL for details:

The OBA will try best to accommodate all OBs. A high over-subscription would put the OBA in a good negotiating position and we will have a very good chance of securing more tables.

I hope to see you all in December.

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2007-08