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Highlights of the LSCOBA Annual Ball 2017: Viva La Salle 85 Years of Excellence

Date : 13 Jan 2018

The theme of the LSCOBA Annual Ball 2017 is Viva La Salle, 85 Years of Excellence.

The Tribute to the Distinguished Alumnus 2017: The Honourable Dr. Joseph Lee (1969):

This marks a special year for La Salle, not only are we celebrating 85 years of excellence for the College, it is also the Diamond Jubilee year of our primary school. Among all these years, there are many outstanding old boys who have made tremendous contributions not only to our Alma Mater, but also the community at large. Dr. Joseph Lee is truly a role model for Lasallians. Joseph served as the President of the Association from 1994 to 1997, but his support towards his Alma Mater has never ceased. In a recent sharing, Joseph reiterated that his life at La Salle has offered him many positive impacts. These experiences have encouraged him to devote himself to contributing to the community, putting the La Salle Chinese school motto of 克己復礼 – managing oneself with discipline and respecting tradition and relating to others, into practice. Joseph has unreservedly offered his energy and resources into social services in Hong Kong, and he has come to appreciate the satisfaction and joy of serving others. In the mid-1990s, he founded Wofoo Social Enterprises which is a force that works towards improving our community. The enterprise’s services have expanded into areas including caring for the elderly, programs for developing youth, education, and community services. La Salle is blessed to have such a distinguished alumnus and role model among us. For that, the Old Boys’ Association has presented the Distinguished Alumnus 2017 to Dr. Joseph Lee.

Highlights of LSCOBA Annual Ball 2017: Viva La Salle
Ball Chairman: Mr. Herman Bo (1989)