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Happy Chinese New year of the Boar

 “Kung Hei Fat Choi” 

Wishing you all a prosperous year ahead and good health! 

Update about upcoming LSC & LSCOBA activities:

  1. LSCOBA Spring Dinner on March 16, 2007
  2. LSC 75th Anniversary Celebration
  3. Jubilee Gift Campaign

As most of the programs are still at the planning stage. Please keep yourself updated by visiting or 

I want to update you with a few things about LSC 75th Anniversary and remind you about our annual LSCOBA Spring Dinner on March 16, 2007. The event will be held in Quanjude Duck Restaurant, 4/F China Resources Building, 26 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Please try to be in Wan Chai Sports Stadium that day to cheer for our athletics team. Please visit our website for more details.

Regular tickets:

  • Table of 12 pax @ HK$4,500
  • Individual ticket @ HK$375

Special offer for all subscription paid by LSCOBA Visa Card on or before March 2, 2007 (Friday):

  • Table of 12 pax @ HK$3,988
  • Individual ticket @ HK$350

 For inquires, please email: [email protected] or call Ms. Nicole Lee (852) 2336-2985 at office hours.

LSC 75th Anniversary Celebration

March 25, 2007LSC and LSCPTA, together with LSCOBA and LSC Student Association, will jointly organize the Jubilee Fund Raising Walkathon at High Island Reservoir (5 Km) on March 25, 2007 (Sunday). 
The organizers wish to invite parents (current and graduated), students, old boys and teachers to join this event.
May 9, 2007 to May 15, 2007Founder’s Week
A series of talk on education will be arranged.May 12, 2007 (Sat) – LSC 75th Anniversary Education Symposium
The symposium will focus on the new NSS (3-3-4) curriculum changes. Invited guest including Professor Lap-Chee TSUI (Vice Chancellor of HKU). The symposium will be a half day event.May 15, 2007 (Tue) – Feast Day Mass of St. John Baptist de La Salle
LSC and LSCPTA will organize a Feast Day Mass and invite teachers, guests and parents to participate in this Mass.
July 17 2007 – July 18 2007LSC 75th Anniversary Summer Concert
Venue: Shatin Town Hall Auditorium
About this Concert: LSC will organize to stage a Musical on the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle in July 2007. It is an authentic home-grown production by our students, a ground-breaking attempt in the school. The concert will be on for two consecutive days
December 6, 2007 – December 9, 2007LSCOBA Global ReunionThe LSCOBA Global Reunion 2007 Organizing Committee would like to invite all Lasallians to this home coming event.During the past few years, the North American Chapters have organized the annual gathering for old boys around the globe. It started off with friendly soccer tournaments and the momentum picks up steadily with more old boys joining each year. This year, our Alma Mater is celebrating Her 75th Jubilee and Hong Kong naturally plays host to the 2007 global reunion.The convener of the LSCOBA Global Reunion 2007 Organizing Committee is Dr Bernard Kong (76).Proposed program – LSCOBA Global Reunion (DRAFT only, to be confirmed) Evening – December 6, 2007 (Thu)Welcome Reception (School Hall)Homecoming Concert (School Hall)December 7, 2007 (Fri)Morning – Reunion Golf TournamentAfternoon – Homecoming Mass (School Chapel)Evening – Old Boys’ Happy HourDecember 8, 2007 (Sat)Morning – Soccer Tournament Day 1 (School)Morning – Senior OBs Soccer Game (School)Afternoon – Grave sweeping (Happy Valley)Evening – LSC 75th Jubilee Gala Dinner (HKCEC)December 9, 2007 (Sun)Morning – Soccer Tournament Day 2 (School)Afternoon – LSCOBA Global Conference (School)Afternoon – School Tour (School)Evening – La Salle College Old Boys Global Reunion Dinner (School Hall)December 10, 2007 (Mon)Side trip 
December 8, 2007LSC 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Major Organizer: LSC and LSCOBA
Convener: Lawrence Ng (77)

Jubilee Gift Campaign

This is a message from Bro. Thomas. 

“To enhance the quality of teaching and learning at La Salle and to ensure that our school continues to be among the very best in Hong Kong, we need to generate additional resources apart from the subsidy granted by the Government. Our school management has identified a number of priority areas that would benefit greatly from more resources and among these are the following:

  • Firstly, to enrich the language learning environment for students by employing more language specialists.
  • Secondly, to provide better pastoral care service to our students so that their generic skills and personal growth can be enhanced.
  • Thirdly, to broaden the co-curricular activities like exchange programs, cultural programs, career related programs which widen our students’ exposure and experience.

To achieve the objectives highlighted above, the school would like to take the opportunity of our 75th Anniversary celebrations this year, to initiate a fund-raising drive to be known as The Jubilee Gift Campaign.” 

Since Bro. Thomas’ announcement of the Jubilee Gift Campaign, there has been lots of discussion among the School Managers about the logistics of the Jubilee Gift. 

In the 48th Meeting of the Board of Directors of La Salle Foundation, the directors have agreed to support the Jubilee Gift and formed a special committee under the auspices of the Foundation to manage the fund. The “LSC Jubilee Fund Committee” will be chaired by Mr. David Mong (79) and the committee will include:

  • Dr. Bernard Kong (76)
  • Mr. Patrick Chan (77)
  • Mr. Wong Yen Kit (Acting Principal); and
  • Bro. Thomas as the advisor

The Jubilee Fund Committee will be accountable to the Board of the La Salle Foundation and shall regularly present financial statements to the College as to the funds held in the designated account.

A separate designated account “LSC Jubilee Fund Committee” will be set up to receive donation for the enhancement of education in La Salle College. We are at present going through the necessary procedures and we are working our best to have the account ready before the LSCOBA Spring Dinner and the Jubilee Fund Raising Walkathon in March.

Bro. Thomas would like the parents to be more involved in the Gift Campaign this time as we are designating the fund to their children’s education rather than the facilities (bricks and mortars). In the past, donations are mainly coming from old boys and response from parents was relatively low. LSPS has always been able to attract more parents’ interest than LSC but thanks to the loyalty of the old boys, most of the previous fund-raising for the college has been successful.

It is envisaged that LSCPTA and LSCOBA will be the primary drivers in soliciting donations to the Jubilee Gift and Thomas Wong (77) – LSCPTA chairman and I myself have been invited by the La Salle Foundation and endorsed by SMC as the co-chairmen of the “LSC Jubilee Fund Raising Committee”. We are at present forming the Fund Raising Committee and will announce more detail as soon as possible.

I want to make it clear that we have not yet started the official fund-raising campaign although during the LSCPTA Spring Dinner on the February 4, 2007, the LSC Jubilee Fund Committee was officially announced and David Mong, being the chairman of the committee; has kindly agreed to pledge for HKD 1 million as seed money for the fund and PTA has made use of the opportunity to raise funds by auctioning four old campus photos. We thank David and other old boys for their generosity and kindness.

Do we have a target for the fund? Thomas Wong has set a target for HK$ 5M for the parents and I think the Fund Raising committee will work hard together to reach this initial goal. Of course the more the merrier!

LSCOBA has pledged to donate all surplus of the Association from December 15, 2006 to December 8, 2007 in support of the Jubilee Fund and we will fully support the campaign by soliciting more old boys in giving. Currently, the Class of 1966 has raised more than HKD 200K and the Class of 1967 will do something similar as well in their coming 40th Anniversary.

The LSC Fund Raising Committee will last until December 8, 2007 but the Jubilee Fund will go on and anyone can donate money into the special fund even after the Gala Dinner. As for those administering the fund, namely, the LSC Jubilee Fund Committee, members will have a term of three years including the Chairman.

Shortly, you may receive personal pledge from the Fund Raising committee and we will post donation form in our website for download. We will draw up instruction for you to follow.

“Many old boys told me about how insignificant they are in La Salle.
But that is not how our Alma Mater feels about us.
To her we are all something more but none of us are everything.
Let us maintain a strong sense of identity.
We are sons of La Salle everyone
There may be only tiny flickers coming from anyone of us
But together we can light the whole world.”

Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2006/07