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Greetings – President Charles Chan

Dear Fellow Old Boys,


On behalf of the incoming Committee, it’s our honour and privilege to able to serve the Association for the new term.

Our motto for this year remains the same: “Solidarity, Heritage, Service” as I think these three words embodied the spirit of this Association and its long term goals.

This year, we intend to continue the work carried over from the last term. Major tasks include broadening of our membership base, especially among recent graduates; to build up better communication channels between Members and the Committee and to involve more Members, especially Young Members, in the work of the Association; to further the work of building the Old Boys’ Global Alliance with overseas chapters; to support the College and the Foundation in carrying out the improvement projects in school and extending our support of La Salle students’ activities and community services. Here, I wish to especially draw attention to the work of Bro. David in Meizhou, Guangdong. Bro. David, as you may already aware, is running the La Salle Study Centre there. His operations are entirely funded by donations from local and overseas Lasallians. This summer, 21 teachers, helpers and students will be spending 2 weeks at the La Salle Study Centre doing volunteer work while doing some very meaningful extra-curricular learning. Community service and developmental programs like this, not just in Hong Kong, are our support targets.

To achieve the above mentioned goals, the Committee and especially the IT and Communication Subcommittee will be exploring new channels (e.g. “meet the Committee” sessions in the OB Room on designated dates), looking into ways to improve existing ones (e.g. expanding the roles of Class Representatives) and to work with the Webteam to better utilize the website for communications with Members (e.g. special Q & A section on the website). We will also work closely with all overseas chapters to establish an efficient communication platform to bring Old Boys from all over the world closer to our Alma Mater.

Again, we will put a lot of emphasis on affairs of current LSC students and our young or shall I say younger members (as Old Boys are never old, they just become senior Old Boys) with career oriented activities like job shadowing, the Mentorship Program etc. I believe the Association’s future lies with its younger members. We will be looking for more Members, young or senior, who are interested in the work of the Association to join ad hoc groups and task forces to be formed for special tasks. Interested Members can write to us at [email protected]

The College will be embarking on some major improvement projects and the Association will provide all assistance financially within our capabilities or otherwise by drawing on the expertise of many Old Boys who are leaders in their respective professions.

Finally, allow me to introduce the incoming Committee for the term 2007-2008:

President – Charles Chan (77)
Vice President – Mark Huang (85)
Hon. Secretary – Willie Wong (84)
Hon. Treasurer – Dennis Lam (77)

Immediate Past President – Dr. Bernard Kong (76)

Committee Member – David Cheung (63)
Committee Member – Dr. Gordon Fong (76)
Committee Member – Jim Sin (78)
Committee Member – Stanley Shum (79)
Committee Member – Leonard Chu (83)
Committee Member – Patrick Ho (87)
Committee Member – Herman Bo (89)
Committee Member – Philip Yeung (93)
Committee Member – Raymond Chung (97)
Committee Member – Eric Chow (00)
Committee Member – Edfeel Heung (03)
Committee Member – Dominic Ho (03)

It’s the second term for me and most of the Committee and we thank you for your trust and support as we look for more of the same this year.

Before signing off, a piece of very good news just arrived: four LSC F.5 students scored 10As (Distinctions) in this year’s HKCEE, the most of any school in Hong Kong. Well done and congratulations boys, you did us proud!

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2008-09