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Greetings – President Charles Chan

Dear Fellow Old Boys, 

One of the greatest assets of LSCOBA is the strong network of Old Boys across generations, geographic boundaries and professions. A primary function of the Association is to promote and strengthen this camaraderie. 

With the “financial tsunami” that’s battering the world’s every economy of late and almost no one spared of the adverse effects, this solidarity between Old Boys is especially treasured. 

The OBA is initiating a “Career Assistance Program” (CAP in short) to allow its members to reach out to other Old Boys to offer advice and assistance and vice verse. Any Old Boy who is interested in this program, be it being the provider of or seeker for career assistance, professional advices etc., can write to us at [email protected]

Some ideas of how Old Boys can use this arrangement: 

  • A group of young working Old Boys who wish to get ideas or obtain advice on their field from more senior Old Boys in the same profession.
  • An Old Boy may want to switch field, and he wishes to talk to another Old Boy in his field of interest.
  • Old Boys currently in University who wish to chat with some Old Boys about what careers to explore when they graduate.
  • An Old Boy who wishes to migrate to another country (or to return to Hong Kong from overseas) and he wishes to get some idea of the new environment, employment opportunities and other considerations.

The possibilities are endless. The OBA Committee will utilize its broad knowledge of Old Boys and their professions and experience to try its best to connect the Old Boys. Thereafter, the Old Boys will make their own arrangements for a meeting; it could be one-to-one, or a group of Old Boys together with several more experienced Old Boys. The format is totally free and up to the participants, and the discussion is private.

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2008-09