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First Town Hall Meeting

Dear Fellow Lasallians

RE: Invitation to LSCOBA’s First Town Hall Meeting, 20:30-22:00 on 29 January 2021 (Friday)

Few would disagree that 2020 was full of challenges. The world around us evolved dramatically. Changes are no doubt tough, but it often pays to appreciate that they also bring about opportunities.

The OBA also saw an evolution in 2020, with the participation of an unprecedented number of old boys. This has brought OBA an opportunity to reconnect to the Lasallian community.

In our election platform, we proposed to organise quarterly online town hall meetings, where the committee shall report to members on our work and humbly listen to any feedback from members.

With our cabinet coming close to 100 days of service, I believe the time is ripe for our first town hall meeting. We would be honoured to have your presence on 29 January 2021 (Friday), from 20:30 to 22:00.

In the meeting, we shall summarise our work done so far, and outline plans for the coming months. More importantly, we look forward to your comments on our work, and your thoughts on how we can do better.

While we would love to meet you face-to-face, social distancing rules require us to conduct the town hall meeting online. We will be hosting it on Zoom.

If you would like to attend, please register here before 18:00, 28 January 2021 (Thursday). We shall send you the Zoom link by email before the town hall meeting.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Yours in La Salle

Kent Lau

President, LSCOBA (2020-2021)