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Message from the Principal – Dress Up Campaign

Message from Principal

Dear Old Boys,

The OBA has initiated a ‘Dress-up’ Campaign for alumni to complement the Kick-off Ceremony for the 90th Anniversary celebrations, which will be held at school on Friday, 10th September.

The aim of the ‘Dress-up’ Campaign is to help you recollect happy memories of your school days, by wearing your La Salle school uniform. It is hoped that the ‘Dress-up’ Campaign will also serve to remind us of the motto, ‘Once a Lasallian; Always a Lasallian.’

This year, we celebrate the 90th Anniversary of our beloved alma mater. Since its establishment, La Salle College has been committed to providing quality, holistic, human and Christian education to students. I think all of you will remember and cherish the Lasallian ethos of Faith and Zeal, and that is exactly what our 90th Anniversary slogan seeks to highlight: ‘Hearts aflame with Faith and Zeal’; being faithful and passionate to Lasallian morals and values.

I hope fond memories of your years spent in La Salle College will come flooding back to you this Friday, when you dress up for the 90th Anniversary Kick-off Ceremony.

The ‘Dress-up’ Campaign also hopes to encourage old boys to donate a small sum of money to the Community Chest, to symbolize our care and love for the less fortunate. La Salle has always been an aided school and supported by the community, so it is hoped we could reciprocate with a token of appreciation.

I am sure you will have many opportunities to reunite with your classmates and old teachers during the various 90th Anniversary celebrations scheduled over the coming academic year. Dressing up on 10th September can be your first step in bonding with some of your ex-classmates and schoolmates as you participate in the 90th Anniversary celebrations of our school.

Best wishes,
WS Tong,

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