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Contribution To Relief Efforts

Dear Fellow Old Boys, 

We are all deeply saddened and horrified by the catastrophe in Sichuan, China. Our hearts are with the earthquake victims and the Committee Members have come together in their own capacity to make a donation. 

The Association wishes to take this opportunity to call on all Old Boys to contribute generously to the relief efforts and direct their donations to the many channels in Hong Kong which are running donation drives for the victims. 

Here are some of those organizations and their links: 

  1. The Hong Kong Red Cross: 
  2. World Vision Hong Kong: 
  3. Oxfam Hong Kong: 
  4. The Salvation Army Hong Kong: 
  5. And in line with our school’s religion, the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong: 

  Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2007-08