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Consultation on Alumni Manager Election Procedures

Dear fellow Lasallians

Pursuant to the School-Based Management Policy, schools in Hong Kong are required to set up an incorporated management committee (IMC). IMC comprises representatives from the school sponsoring body, teachers, parents, alumni and community members.

La Salle is no exception. In our case, LSCOBA is the recognized alumni association for the purposes of electing and making nominations for alumni managers.

The enhancement of governance is one of the LSCOBA Committee’s pledges to the Old Boys. A task force was formed to review the election procedures, with the aims of (1) enhancing transparency of the election process, and (2) facilitating participation by Old Boys.

After researching and discussing with school management, the task force proposes to revise the alumni manager election arrangements, and adopt a set of rules of procedures. The rules of procedures have been reviewed by legal advisors, and are compliant and consistent with the Education Bureau’s Guide for Alumni Manager Election and the Constitution of the IMC of La Salle College.

LSCOBA intends to adopt and apply these rules of procedures for future Alumni Manager elections. If you have any views or suggestions, please let us know by email to [email protected] by May 16, 2022 (Monday).

Yours in de La Salle

Task Force on AM Election Procedure Review, LSCOBA