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Christian Brothers Cup 2003

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

You may have read from the website that our cousin school, Kowloon Wah Yan College has won the La Sallian Cup. They can only keep this prestigious Cup for one year and the five La Salle Schools OBA will train hard to get the Cup back in the summer of 2004.

This has been a memorable day for our La Salle Heritage. Brother Thomas and Brother Alphonsus are not in Hong Kong and Brother Patrick, Regional Director of the La Salle Community in Hong Kong and China is our Guest of Honour today. All the three football matches today are of high calibre and all of the football players have displayed excellent techniques and good sportsmanship. It is delightful to see old boys of different generations come together again under the roof of our dear Alma Mater. The most senior old boy today is Mr. Thomas Gomez MBE, President of Hong Kong Prisoners of War Association. He has studied in La Salle College in 1932 under Brother Aimar and he recounted to us many old stories of our beloved School and his life in Hong Kong for the past eighty years. We also have a number of La Salle Old Boys families who join in the fun as well.The youngest child is only about two to three years old. These little kids enjoy themeselves with their peers and LSCOBA has managed to sell a few of our souvenirs to them.

The responses from the OBA of the other La Salle Schools in Hong Kong is overwhelming and ideas such as OBA league, joint sports and recreational events eg. golf, basketball, tennis, chess and bridge events have also been suggested. The Committee will look into the matter in the coming Committee Meeting towards the end of August and decide how we should proceed from this impressive start.

On the financial side, we have used nearly $20000 to buy two sets of sportswear for the LSCOBA Football Team and two new goal nets.for the School Playground. Donations from Old Boys to this event will be much appreciated. Please send in your cheque and/or contribution to Mr. Gerald Ma before 20.8.03. So far, donations from loyal Old Boys towards this great event has been most encouraging.

Please write to me or Mr. Henry Chan if you have any comments or suggestions and a Big Thank You to Mr. Gerald Ma and other members of the Oganising Committee together with all our LSCOBA football team players for their superb efforts………….. really doing something more for La Salle Heritage again.

with warm regards.

Dr. Robert Yuen Kar Ngai ’71
President, LSCOBA 2003/04