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Brother Thomas Last Day as Principal of LSC – Part II

This is the closest I have been with a Principal of La Salle College. We were together in Toronto attending the first ever President Summit, the fire works honoring him during the BBQ in the golf park and the retirement dinner. He attended the 3rd North American Soccer Cup and cheered loudly for all the players there.

Everywhere he went, he talked about loyalty and urged all the old boys to take a keen interest in our Alma Mater affairs. He mentioned about he being the last Principal Brother of LSC and our heritage, the threat about direct subsidy scheme and the Brothers’ wish to provide education along the dreams of St John Baptist de LaSalle.

Under Brother Thomas’ leadership, LSC has excelled in academic as well as in sports. Last year in HKCEE, our school scored the highest number of As and even this year, the amount of As is still the highest in Hong Kong. He wanted the boys to expand and further realize their potential and for the last two years, he tried to develop culture and arts in La Salle. When he was asked to say something after the Godspell musical in July, he was filled with emotion and was speechless there on stage. When we lost the championship in the athletic school meet in March, he taught us how to lose graciously and consoled the weeping athletes.

In Edmonton, we were looked after very well by the LaSallian community there. The special arrangement for us to be up in the Rockies, the splendid beauty of nature and the feeling of tranquility made everything so memorable. Bro. Thomas expressed his love of God’s creation and eagerly touched the ice-cold glacial waters in Lake Louise. In attempting to reach it on very unstable rocks, he totally forgot about his own safety. This is the other side of him, rarely seen when he wore the mask as the Principal and shouting the LSC slogan. He was in the gondola up to Sulphur Mountain and we only learnt that he is not comfortable with heights.

I was there to pick him up for the retirement dinner last night. I saw the light dimming off in the Principal’s office from my car. The last time he would be in there as the Principal of La Salle College. I only realized that, when he told me later, he was handing over his office to the new Principal.

Every good thing must come to an end but we thank God for having him as the last Principal Brother of our Alma Mater. This chain of fine tradition passed on seventy odd years ago by Bro. Aimar.

We ask God to grant him the strength and mind to carry on his work and wish him all the best in more years to come. La Salle will need him more than ever.

To me, I thank the Lord for giving me a chance to know him as he is.

Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2004/05