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Broaden our scope of members’ activities, IT improvements, Implement improvement projects

 Dear Fellow Old Boys,

The Annual General Meeting of LSCOBA was successfully held on Friday 10th July 2009 attended by 85 members.

Again, it is our honour and pleasure to be able to serve the Association for another term.

Our slogan this year is “Progress with Harmony”. We set out the following major tasks to be completed during this term of office:

  1. Broaden our scope of members’ activities especially amongst younger members
  2. IT improvements including the upgrading of our hardware and website
  3. Support the College and the Foundation in implementing improvement projects through various channels
  4. Continue our support of La Salle students’ activities and community services

To achieve the above mentioned goals, we will firstly start a drive to update our members’ database. Look out for the corresponding announcement on our website and please do your part in helping the Association to streamline its operations. Also, several programs have been instigated in the last two terms to attract recent graduates to join the Association early and they are now bearing fruits with increasing number joining every year.

A lot of emphasis has been put on organizing activities for our young, or shall I say younger, members (as old boys are never old) in the past two terms and we will continue with this direction. I believe this is where the Association’s future lies. Popular programs like the Mentorship Program, joint school happy hour gatherings, PND seminars and wine tasting talks etc. will be expanded to attract more of our younger members.

Our website and the hardware supporting it were last upgraded some five years ago. With ever increasing usage, turning it into the most important communication tool of the Association and the advancement in IT technologies in recent years, it is time to review them. The budget for the hardware upgrade was allocated during the last term and upgrading working will be completed before end of the year. We are also taking this opportunity to consider a new look and new features for the platform. We will firstly focus on creating a new chatboard, with user authentication and user identification procedures, for the exclusive use by La Salle old boys. Next on the agenda will be the revamping of the website. We will soon launch a survey to collect ideas on how to face lift our website. We encourage you to participate in the survey and we look forward to hearing your opinion and comments on how to make this website better for all of us and one that Lasallians can truly enjoy.

The College has been embarking on some major improvement projects, including the re-surfacing of the track and soccer pitch (scheduled to be completed before end August 2009), the complete renovation of the air conditioning system and improvement works of the swimming pool (scheduled for completion by November 2009). The Association and the old boys’ community will continue to provide all assistance financially within our capabilities or otherwise by drawing on the expertise of many old boys who are leaders in their respective professions.

The Association will look to expand our student activity programs like the very successful Interview Workshop, Job Shadowing Program, participation in Career Day and Family Fun Day as well as assisting in the training of our student athletes and through our Sports Development Fund, providing equipment upgrades, physiotherapy etc.

Finally, allow me to introduce the Committee for the new term via the following URL:

The new Committee had its first meeting on July 13th and we look forward to serving the old boys’ community while encouraging more members to participate in the Association’s activities and join in the work of the Association as a way to support the old boys’ community and contribute back to our Alma Mater during the course of the new term.


Charles K. Chan
President 09-10