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Alumni Manager Election 2023: Nomination & Result

Dear Old Boys of La Salle College,

Reference is made to the Notice of the Alumni Manager Election 2023 for the Incorporated Management Committee (the “IMC”) of La Salle College dated 27 June 2023.

As of the deadline of the nomination period (3:00 pm on 14 July 2023), I only received one (1) nomination form submitted by Dr. Mak Hoi Kwan Calvin (Class of 2001) and Dr. Mak’s nomination form was subsequently verified and confirmed by LSCOBA.

According to paragraph 22 of the Rules of Procedures for the Alumni Manager Election for the IMC, if there is only one eligible candidate, no election shall be conducted and the said only candidate shall be declared the successful candidate. In this regard, I am pleased to announce that Dr. Mak Hoi Kwan Calvin (Class of 2001) shall be nominated to the IMC as the Alumni Manager of La Salle College for the next term.

LSCOBA will submit the relevant information for the registration of Dr. Mak Hoi Kwan Calvin (Class of 2001) as the Alumni Manager of La Salle College for the next term.

Yours in De La Salle,

Mark Huang (1985)

Returning Officer, Alumni Manager Election 2023, La Salle College

Statement of Personal Introduction from the Candidate

As a graduate of La Salle College Primary School (A.M.) in 1996 and La Salle College as the Class of 2001, Lasallian education has been pivotal to shaping who I am and what I have achieved so far. It will be my great honor to serve my alma mater as an Alumni Manager, giving back to contribute to the school’s development and helping fellow Lasallian students. I will act as a bridge to bring the voice of Old Boys into the School, foster effective two-way communication and discover ways in which the Old Boys can contribute to helping our beloved alma mater.

I have been a Committee member of the La Salle College Old Boys’ Association (LSCOBA) for the past two years, mainly in charge of the digital transformation of the LSCOBA, and serving as convenor of various subcommittees. This year, I am also standing for the election as President of the OBA, hoping to serve all fellow Lasallians under my team’s three main missions – Lasallians Connect, School Engagement and Corporate Governance.

I am a consultant neurosurgeon by profession, and lead the development of smart hospitals and healthcare innovation as chairman of various public hospital committees. I possess vast experience as an office bearer in different professional medical societies and charitable organizations. Besides, I have been appointed as a member of the Social Security Appeal Board and the Action Group on Youth Wellness, Youth Development Commission of the HKSAR. These public administration experiences would help me with strategic planning and policy development for the School as an Alumni Manager. My role as Honorary Clinical Associate Professor and Advisor to a master’s programme in universities has also equipped me with exposure to education, which I can leverage to better contribute to my alma mater.