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Alumni Manager Election 2022 – Nomination and Result

Date: 15 July 2022

Dear Old Boys of La Salle College,

Reference is made to the Notice of the Alumni Manager Election, 2022 for the Incorporated Management Committee (the “IMC”) of La Salle College dated 23 June 2022.

As of the deadline of the nomination period (5:00 pm on 8 July 2022), I only received one (1) nomination form submitted by LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (Class of 1999) and Mr. Lau’s nomination form was subsequently verified and confirmed by LSCOBA.

According to paragraph 22 of the Rules of Procedures for the Alumni Manager Election for the IMC, if there is only one eligible candidate, no election shall be conducted and the said only candidate shall be declared the successful candidate. In this regard, I am pleased to announce that LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel (Class of 1999) shall be nominated to the IMC as the Alumni Manager of La Salle College for the term 2022 – 2023.

LSCOBA will submit the relevant information for the registration of Mr. LAU as the Alumni Manager of La Salle College for the term 2022 – 2023.

Yours in de La Salle,

K.F. Chan (Class of 1980)

Returning Officer, Alumni Manager Election, 2022, La Salle College

Appendix I

Statement of Personal Introduction from the Candidate

Statement of personal introduction – Mr. LAU Kam Tak Kent Samuel

My name is Kent Lau, the current Alumni Manager of LSC and President of LSCOBA. Class of 1999.

I was first elected as the President of LSCOBA in 2020. With the core values of openness, transparency, and diversity in mind, my team and I have been enhancing communication channels, enhancing the revenue model of LSCOBA, bringing different generations of Lasallians together, and celebrating our shared Faith, Heritage and Identity, to name a few. 

Subsequently I took up the additional role as the Alumni Manager of LSC. My dual capacity as President of LSCOBA and Alumni Manager enabled me to mobilize more support from the old boys, as and when the College requires. It takes me to a new level to serve the wider Lasallian Community. 

This couple of years have been full of fresh initiatives and new attempts. As the changes become more visible, I hope you would feel the new vigour injected into LSCOBA, as well as the old boys community as a whole. 

Now that we are halfway through our alma mater’s 90th birthday celebrations, and it’s time for us all to stand together for this extraordinary anniversary. 

With renewed enthusiasm and resolve, I am running for re-election to both positions. I hope this will meet with your renewed trust and support.

Outside LSC, I am the co-founder of a technology PR company, as well as the sitting president of alumni associations of Mechanical and Automation Engineering and Faculty of Engineering of Chinese University of Hong Kong. I will continue to bring on my experience working with various stakeholders as an alumni leader, and synergize the close relationship built with stakeholders during my service.