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A message from our President on Completion and Opening of the Renovated Track & Field, Appointment of the new Principal, “Affiliation to the La Salle Brothers” of our two Past Presidents, School Soccer teams captured Overall Champion

Dear Fellow Old Boys, 


Let me begin with an updated report on our “Project Green”, the initiative by the Association to turf the two “winged quadrants” at both ends of the tennis court, not included in the original resurfacing plans, which is intended to be used for specialized training like goalkeepers’ working out and players’ warming up and preparations. This project had been successfully completed thanks to donations from various old boys who responded generously to the Association’s drive last year. The newly renovated track and field was officially opened during the LSC Family Fun Day held in early February. The Association wishes to remind all members using these sporting facilities to strictly observe and abide by the rules and regulations as set by the school which are aimed to protect re-turfed surfaces to minimize maintenance and avoid unnecessary, costly repairs in future.

The final day of the Interschool Division 1 Athletics Meet was held on Friday, 12 March 2010 in the Wanchai Sports Ground. An army of old boys took time off their busy work schedule to support our boys in person who were leading in the overall standing since Day 1 up till lunch break on Day 3, the final day. A series of moral-sapping injuries and unfortunate turn of events deprived them of yet another could-have-been well deserved championship. Disappointing as it might be, the very respectable 2-1-2 finish in A, B & C grades respectively and two meet records deserved congratulations for our athletes who have been training long and hard and with renewed vigour after the heart breaking, last minute disqualification of last year. The odds have been and will still be stacked overwhelmingly against us in the foreseeable future as we, by any measure, are competing in an unlevel playing field where our competition has the distinct advantage, very much unfair to us, of scouting, admitting and even poaching, which we obviously don’t practice, any student athletes of their liking under their complete admission autonomy. While we hope against hope that the relevant authorities will one day implement those long awaited and sensible policies like waiting periods for “transferred students” before they can represent their new school etc., our home grown and trained athletes nevertheless vow to train even harder to regain the overall champion which is rightfully ours! 

Here, I have a most pleasurable task of informing you of three pieces of delightful news which some of you might have already aware. First, a new school principal has been confirmed for La Salle College: Brother Steve Hogan, a Lasallian Brother from New Zealand who will be succeeding Mr. Wong Yen Kit, the current Head, upon his retirement in September. Brother Steve is bringing with him not just a wealth of experience and expertise, impeccable records and proven leadership quality but also he will significantly reduce the average age of the Brothers in Hong Kong given that he is 49 years “young”. The Association offers our hearty congratulations and whole hearted support to Brother Steve as we look forward to his inspirational guidance in leading the College to new heights! Read more about Brother Steve and his appointment under these two URLs: (newsletter Vol 29 No. 3) and 

Secondly, two of our most distinguished Old Boys and Past Presidents, Mr. A de O Sales and Mr. Nicholas Ng, the Alternate Supervisor of LSC, were honoured with “Affiliation to the La Salle Brothers” during the visit of the Superior General of the Lasallian Institute worldwide, Brother Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria, to Hong Kong in March. This is a very rare honour bestowed on only a highly selected few for their significant and life long contributions to the Lasallian Community and the community at large. Read more about the awards and Brother Alvaro’s impressions of his visit in the above mentioned newsletter and the following URL: 

Thirdly, there are more good news from the school’s soccer teams. After being crowned as the C-grade Champions, the school’s soccer teams have captured the Overall Champions in the Inter-school Soccer Competition 2009-10, a crowning glory last attained ten years ago. Befittingly, during the visit to and training session at the La Salle College soccer pitch on May 19th by the South China Football Club (“SCAA”), the reigning League Champions, Mr. Steven Lo (Chairman of SCAA Football Management Committee), Mr. Kim Pan Gon (Head Coach) and Mr. Li Hai Qiang (Captain of SCAA) presented our school team with the Champion Shield of the Inter-school Soccer Competition. We look forward to more exchanges between the school teams and SCAA in future. Visit the front page of our website and the following posting for details:,45081,45082#msg-45082 

The ever popular Horse Racing Day which was tentatively scheduled for the coming month of June will however be cancelled this year due to the limited number of available dates which clash either with our other scheduled events or more importantly, Father’s Day! Nonetheless, for the months of May, June and July, there is still a host of exciting events planned: Professional Networking Dinner with Mr. Choi Yiu-Kwan, former Deputy Chief Executive of HK Monetary Authority (May 28th); Spring Golfing Day in Mission Hills Golf Club (May 28th); World Cup Match Live Telecast Viewing and Happy Hour (June 25th); Lasallian Global Reunion 2010 in San Francisco Bay Area (July 1st-4th)…details for these and other events can be found elsewhere in this website. 

I hope to see you at these events! Cheers, 

Charles K. Chan (77)