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17 March | La Salle Community Service Day 2024

In March, LSCOBA will for the first time host the La Salle Community Service Day 2024, to serve community families in the neighbourhood.

Enrolment to service activities in the morning is almost full. In order to let more to join us, LSCOBA will now call for a round of donation, and donors could join our programmes at school starting from 2pm on March 17. If you donate now, you would be able to join other participants of the Day and witness historic moment together, and also to enjoy music and sunset on La Salle football field in the afternoon.

Date: 17 March 2024 (Sunday)
Time: starting from 2pm
Celebration Ceremony | Booths in carnival | Live Music Concert @ LSC Football Field

Donation for admission | $580 (standing)、$450 (standing)

We welcome any Old Boy to donate us the recommended amount of $580 (standing, per admission) or $450 (standing, per admission) to cover the activity costs for the community families. On that day, you will be guided to the respective standing area on La Salle football field according to how much you donated. An Old Boy who donated may also invite family members to join him, with a maximum of four people (including the Old Boy himself), each of the family members shall also donate $580 / $450.

Further details of the donation and admission are listed in the “Note” session on the Eventbrite page. Please join us and donate through

For enquiries, please contact Jason (Mobile: 6011-6997).