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The Beautiful Los Angeles

The overseas chapters are full of the La Salle Spirit. What an eye opening. The 3 days program was action packed and the Southern California Chapter are wonderful in delivering one of the best North America Soccer Tournaments and gathering so far.

Charles Tsang’s leadership and the support from the whole team are most admirable. How many sleepless nights for them and the helpers – spouses and girlfriends? My salute to you all for such a marvelous piece of achievement.

How wish I could spend more time with you all. I have a great time catching up with so many good friends and it also gives me an opportunity to meet many new ones.

Special thanks to:
Peter Chan for his kind introduction at the reunion dinner and his unmistaken smile. (Also for agreeing to swim with KK and other OBS in the Swimming Gala 2005 in front of >1000 students)

Bryan and Maurice for their great hearts and souls.

KK Wong for showing us the “never say die” spirit. His summersault at the reunion dinner for a class of 62 is absolutely incredible.

Eddy Yu “Si-hing” for his friendship and “spirits”.

Sampson, Raymond, Dennis, Fred, Ronnie, Johnson, Edward, Stanley, Andrew, Anthony, Leo ……
Robert Lee — LSCOBA band for the wonderful nostalgic music.

Really cannot ask for more.
A truly unforgettable journey and lots of fond memories to bring home.

Congratulations to the Toronto Chapter for being the champion. All chapters played so well and fair in the field. San Francisco being so close in winning and they have such a strong team this time. Do not relax Toronto, it may not be easy the third time round.

TP Cheung Sir was standing in the field for two full days even though he only slept for few hours due to jet lag. This was his first time out of HK for 9 years believe it or not. He was really so happy there and he drank more than the whole 9 years added up!

Aha, you have all agreed that 2007 belongs to HK – the 75th Anniversary of LSC. We will host the LSCOBA World Cup in the mother chapter. Imagine all Lasallians flying in everywhere!!

We shall sing the school song again and again. Together we will build a new and stronger era.

“High aloft her flag we will hold,
and strive that her fame may grow.”

Yours truly,
Dr. Bernard Kong ’76
President, LSCOBA 2005/06