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Message from Roger, LSCOBA President: Summary of My Presidential Term 2016-2018

05 Jun 2018
Message from Roger, LSCOBA President: Summary of My Presidential Term 2016-2018

Dear Lasallians,

Time flies as my second term soon comes to an end as the President of LSCOBA. I am nothing but thankful for the opportunities to serve the OBA members and fellow Lasallians. The primary objective of the Association is to promote brotherhood and fraternity while running under the principles that all projects are preferably self-sustaining with an operating surplus to support the Alma Mater, including student development. To serve our 8,000 OBA members, we have a dedicated group of 17 committee members, a part-time administrative manager, 22 subcommittees or task forces, as well as 9 active Overseas Chapters.

I hold a strong belief that communication is always the key to keep our fraternity growing and flourishing. The Facebook Old Boys’ Ties, the website, monthly email notices, newsletters, annual reports, and various chat groups all serve to dispatch relevant news to members. The Class Coordinator Group in particular, has been an effective channel to get connected with old boys of over 50 graduation years from 1955 to 2017. Apart from sharing OBA news, the platform is also utilized to inform members of other Lasallian updates, such as recent activities pertaining to old boys, La Salle Primary School, La Salle College, or calling for support from the old boy community to any sports or cultural events of the students. With the enhanced publicity, our aim is to propel the cohesiveness and the level of involvement of old boys and stakeholders.

It is also important for OBA to create and bring value to its members, who will then see the benefits for joining the Association. Not only have we provided members with traditional events like the Annual Ball, Spring Dinner, Old Boys’ concerts, Sports Leagues, Golf Tournaments, and Happy Hour gatherings, but we are also seeing strong support on new initiatives. With the dedication by the relevant parties, we have:

1) Created a members’ benefit platform;
2) Revamped the credit card offers and souvenir online sales platform, including launching the best sales ever product “OBA Octopus card”;
3) Relaunched the old boys’ basketball league and Christian Brothers’ Cup;
4) Jointly held community service events like movie viewings and the Pun Choi charity dinner;
5) Hosted round-table dinners as well as joint alumni activities like: finance talks and Hong Kong Christian Brothers’ Schools events;
6) Organized photo competitions featuring Lasallian spirit; and
7) Been a part of the selection and presentation of the Distinguished Alumnus Awards to two of the most respectable old boys and past presidents of OBA at the Annual Ball.

Furthermore, we strengthened the OBA’s service in support of class reunion dinner gatherings, onsite souvenirs sales counter set-ups, job shadowing, career workshops, and we formed a new professional networking group for architects.

I have been extremely honoured to be the 36th President of LSCOBA, going through a remarkable journey in the past two years. I have personally supported a public election campaign with participation by many enthusiastic old boys, regardless of the end result. I have spent a special year with La Salle by working closely on a few school projects with the new principals of the College and Primary School, respectively celebrating their 85th and 60th anniversaries. I also had the privilege to have been invited as the Guest of Honour for the 58th Speech Day of La Salle Primary School in 2016 and for the Annual Sports Day of La Salle College in 2017 as well as joining other Lasallian events in the capacity of OBA representative.

I must give my heartfelt thanks to my Committee and the Administrative Manager, whom have been working together with me for two consecutive terms, pursuing our missions that were set. At the end of the day, we all have common values that we cheer together, fight together, and share the same tears and laughter no matter what we do or where we go. And most importantly, we all shed the same blood that we shall do whatever it takes to safeguard the best interests of our Alma Mater.

Thank you for your support in the last two years. I look forward to crossing paths with you at the next La Salle event soon.

Yours in de La Salle,
Roger Lee (1985)
LSCOBA 2016-2018