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Message from Roger, LSCOBA President for term 2016-2018: Viva La Salle, 85 Years of Excellence!

Dear Lasallians,

I am humbly honored to have this opportunity to serve you for a second term as the President of LSCOBA 2017-2018. I am particularly thankful for having the same Committee from the previous term continuing our services for the members. Founded in 1939, LSCOBA comprises of 17 Committee Members, a Part-time Administrative Manager, 23 Subcommittee/Task Forces, and 7 active Overseas Chapters. The Association aims at promoting brotherhood and fraternity among old boys of La Salle while providing benefits for the 8,000 members. All projects and events organized by the OBA are primarily self-sustaining with an operating surplus to support the Alma Mater including student development.

This marks a special year for La Salle as it is the 85th anniversary of La Salle College and the 60th anniversary of La Salle Primary School. Special thanks to the continuous support from our Principal, Mr. Tong Wun-Sing, for sharing with us the “Message from the Principal” and Mrs. Chandni Rakesh, Principal of La Salle Primary School, for the update of the Diamond Jubilee celebration in this newsletter. I also invited a few old boys from different years to write about their stories in La Salle and how Lasallian education has made them become who they are today.

Almost half of my second term is gone and attributed to the support from the convenors and the working groups, we held a number of successful events, including: job shadowing and high court visit for students (Convenor: Mr. Stanley Shum 1979), the Old Boys’ Concert (Convenor: Mr. Martin So 2004), the Doctors of La Salle Dinner (Convenor: Dr. Thomas Fung 1996), Joint Finance Dinner Talk (Convenor: Mr. Robert Lui 1995), Christian Brothers’ School Basketball Cup (Convenor: Mr. Paul Lee 1996), Class Coordinator gatherings (Convenor: Mr. Roger Lee 1985), Pun Choi Charity Dinner jointly organized with the Hong Kong Society of Medical Professionals chaired by Dr. Bernard Kong (Convenor: Mr. Robert Lui 1995), Heritage Walk (Convenor: Mr. Mark Huang 1985) and the Roundtable Dinner with senior old boy Mr. Frank Chan 陳帆1975 as guest speaker giving old boys and students an insightful talk (Convenor: Mr. Ray Sun 1985).

Going forward, there are lots of activities we have planned to serve you as our members, including but not limited to the coming LSCOBA Annual Ball 2017: Viva La Salle (Ball Chairman: Mr. Herman Bo 1989), the photo competition (Convenor: Mr. Edison Siu 2008), Happy Hour gatherings (Convenor: Mr. Eric Chow 2000), Winter Golf Tournament (Convenor: Mr. Thomas Tung 1977), and Spring Dinner 2018 (Convenor: Mr. Terence Mak 1997).

With all the future events remaining in my term, the Committee and I will endeavor to bring more value-added services to you.

I look forward to your continuous support!

Roger Lee (85)
LSCOBA 2016-2018
Email: [email protected]