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Lasallian Mission Fund Annual Raffle

The Lasallian Mission Fund has been running an annual raffle since 2014. This year, raffle tickets will be available for sale from from 3 May to 27 May.

Each book is priced at HK$200, containing 10 tickets of HK$20 each. Prizes will be drawn by Brother Dennis on 20 June. Results will be published in The Standard, Sing Tao Daily and HK Lasallian Family website.

The Fund is primarily used to supplement resources needed for educational and formation activities in schools and educational centres run by the Brothers. Recent projects include La Salle Study Centre in China, Brothers’ projects in the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Pakistan , De La Salle Secondary School’s Students Support Programme, Lasallian Leadership Camp, and sponsorship of Hong Kong Lasallian’s attendance at various international congresses.

Further information is available on the HK Lasallian Family website,

If you are interested, please feel free to let us know ([email protected]). Thank you for your generosity in advance, and wish you the best of luck!