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Digital Membership Initiatives 2023

As a key step in the LSCOBA’s journey of digital transformation to enhance our services to Members and the accessibility of our online platform, we are delighted to announce that our digital membership system is now launched for all members.

On our new platform, there are a number of new features which would enable you to:

– Digital paperless membership card: you could show your LSCOBA Membership Card (an e-version) on any electronic device, of course including on your smartphone

– Online self-service portal to update personal information: you could update your information at LSCOBA membership database with just a few clicks, without asking our Admin to help you

– Member search function (opt-in feature): you could search if an Old Boy is a LSCOBA member by entering his name and other information

We have also migrated and upgraded the membership database to ensure data security and privacy.

Please visit and start to explore! You could bookmark the site for easy access, or access it via (Menu>Members>Login). Other features will be gradually rolled out and stay tuned.