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Diamond Jubilee Year Message

Dear Fellow Old Boys,

This is our Diamond Jubilee year.

More than three quarter of a century ago, Bro. Aimar and the Christian Brothers bought forth an exciting and challenging idea of building a school to provide the best Christian education to boys in the territory regardless of race, social standing or financial ability. A few years later, in 1932, their foresight and courage bore fruit in the form of the magnificent La Salle College on a small knoll in North Kowloon.

75 years later, we are celebrating the unwavering dedication, sacrifices and hard work of the Brothers, Principals and Teachers of this great educational institution, the solidarity amongst the Old Boys not faded by distance, the heritage of La Salle not lost in time and the accomplishments and continual commitment to excellence of our beloved Alma Mater.

Lest not forget all these will become past glories if La Salle does not have the capabilities, financial or otherwise, to meet the challenges ahead. The Jubilee Gift Fund was expressly established earlier this year for all Lasallians to show their appreciation for the invaluable gift of education we were so fortunate to receive and the great debt each and everyone of us owe to the school. Your class coordinators will be contacting you shortly and please do give generously. Detailed information about this and all 75th Anniversary celebration events can be found in the following dedicated website with URL:

This being our Diamond Jubilee year, the Global Reunion of Lasallians will also be held in Hong Kong in early December as the homecoming for all overseas Old Boys. Two main features of this annual event are the soccer tournament and the world conference. Detailed information on the Global Reunion can be found in the following dedicated webpage with URL:

Last but certainly not least, LSCOBA has commissioned the Jubilee Yearbook to commemorate the 75th anniversary of La Salle College. This definitive book will record significant events and everyday life stories in the 75 years history of our Alma Mater illustrated with many photographs not previously published. The person-in-charge of this very special project and chief author of the Jubilee Yearbook is none other than Mark Huang (85), our heritage guy and resident historian. We are looking for individual or group (e.g. class year, St. John Ambulance etc.) sponsors for this worthwhile cause with proceeds going to the Jubilee Gift Fund. For more details, please contact us at secretaryEmail LSCOBA .

Yours in de La Salle,

Charles K. Chan ’77
President, LSCOBA 2007-08