The history of

1995 A few enthusiastic old boys put together a simple list with names and email addresses of those who have expressed interest for such a new mode of correspondence.  The list, called the LSCOBEN (LSC Old Boys Electronic Network), soon grew and a basic website was established on the Internet.

1999 The official website of the LSCOBA was first launched on 5 December after many iterations and carrying as its worldwide domain.

2001 Several significant features were added to the website including the Professional Network Database on 27 October, which replaced the simple email list with personal and professional profiles of over a thousand Hong Kong Lasallians.

2004 The Professional Network Database was merged with the Lasallians' Directory on 11 November.

2006 It was suggested that the website be revamped as it was launched some seven years ago.

2007 Students were employed to upgrade the photo album only.

2008 Budget allocation was made for the purchase of new servers.

2009 It was resolved to allow only members to post in the Chatboard.

2010 The member-only Chatboard was launched on 3 May.

2011 The database was migrated to the new mailserver whilst the website was migrated to the new webserver.

2012 Budget was allocated, in two financial years, for the website revamp project.

2013 The website revamp project was awarded.

2014 The user acceptance test of the revamped website took place in April and May 2014.  The new look with many new functionalities was launched on 29 May.

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The web team would like to thank the following for their contribution:-

·       Dr Gordon Fong (1976)

·       Paul Tam (1977)

·       Simon Lai (1981)

·       Leonard Chu (1983)

·       Stanley Shum (1984)

·       Willie Wong (1984)

·       Mark Huang (1985)

·       Derek Ku (1985)

·       Naresh Choithramani (1989)

·       Philip In (1989)

·       Ted Lam (1989)

·       Paul Lee (1989)

·       Dinesh Choithramani (1991)

·       Horace Chan Yat Hong (1993)

·       Colin Cheung Ming Wai (1993)

·       Derek Choy Hin Chung (1993)

·       Francis Ma Tsz Wang (1993)

·       Anfernee Lam (1995)

·       Kevin Leung Siu Hang (1996)

·       Tony Wat Hong Fai (1996)

·       Raymond Chung (1997)

·       Simon Suen (1997)

·       Gilbert Fung (1998)

·       Albert Au-Yeung (1999)

·       Gary Choy(1999)

·       Gary Ng (1999)