Use of Car Parking Facilities
The users of the sports facilities (including but not limited to the soccer pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts and squash court) on Sundays may utilise the available parking spaces provided by the College.  A maximum of 34 spaces (plus 5 for motorbikes) are available from 0800 to 1830 hours on Sundays on a first-come-first-served basis.  At the request of the College, LSCOBA collects parking fee with effect from 18 October 2009.
All proceeds will be passed back to the College.  For the first 2.5 hours, the parking charge is HK$10 per half hour, and HK$20 per half hour thereafter.  The parking charges are to be settled by Octopus.  With the consent of the College, LSCOBA has entered into an agreement to install an Octopus machine near the guard post at the main entrance to the school building.  As a contingency suggested by Octopus, LSCOBA sells parking coupons during its office hours to the sports facilities's users to settle the charges if and when the Octopus machine is not operational.  Users are required to collect a time card and the "Entry and Park Permit" at the gate upon arrival.  All users are requested to park at a designated space as directed.  Users are requested to read in detail the "Car Park Regulations of La Salle College" as provided below.
Notice to Users of the School Car Park
  1. This is NOT a public car park and entry of non-permit bearing vehicles may be refused.
  2. Please observe the Car Park Regulations as laid down and displayed.
  3. The user is only allowed to park his car in the designated area.  Car parking spaces No. 1 ¡V 8, 14 & 21 are reserved for staff only.
  4. Each parking space shall be used for parking one motor vehicle only and not for any other purposes.
  5. No car will be permitted to park beyond the stipulated hours.
  6. Car cleaning is not allowed in the Car Park.
  7. The School will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism or any other causes.
  8. The user shall provide his own third party liability insurance.  Injury to person or damage to property should be notified to the Security Guard immediately.
  9. The user shall be responsible for all damage to the fittings and equipment in the Car Park due to his/ her negligence and/ or fault.