School Song
  1. Boys of courage, boys of daring,
    Full of manliness and will;
    Spirits nought for danger caring,
    Hearts to conquer every ill.

    We are sons of La Salle everyone,
    And no matter where we go,
    High aloft her flag we will hold,
    And strive that her fame may grow.
  2. There are famous schools in plenty,
    With their heroes by the score,
    And they flourish high and mighty,
    But La Salle is something more.
  3. From her lofty station pointing,
    To the sky's majestic dome,
    She would have us ever minding,
    That above is our true home.
  4. Come whatever kind of weather,
    Come the stormy days along,
    When the Old Boys get together,
    They will always sing this song.
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Contributed by Andrew Mok (1965)
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中 文 歌 詞 (Chinese Lyrics)
History of School Song

Interview of Past President Mark Huang (LSC 85)
by Commerical Radio on 1 May 2018
about history and meaning of La Salle School Song