LSCOBA 2000 Hainan Golf Tour (24 - 26 November 2000)
30 old boys signed up for this event although only 29 turned up at the airport in the evening on 24/11/2000 to Hainan (海南), the southern-most province of China.
All the old boys put on the smart souvenir golf shirts with the logo "La Salle Golfers Hainan Tour 2000" before we got on the coach on the 2nd day of our tour to the golf course. We had two rounds of golf at Kangle Hot Spring Golf Club and Yalong Bay Golf Club respectively. There were lots of fun, jokes, beer, etc. during our short trip amongst old boys from the 60's to the early 80's. The competition was so hotly contested by the participants that a lot of the prizes had to be decided on count-back.
I would like to congratulate the following winners 
Day 1
Day 2
Caesar To (82)
John Ribeiro (78)
Lau Yu Ching Gilbert (81)
Daniel Yung (65)
Paul Law (78)
Leonard Chu (83)
Best Front Nine
Tony Cheung (77)
Warren Wong (78)
Best Back Nine
Steve Hu (79)
Edmond Fan (80)
Longest Drive
Steve Hu (79)
Tony Cheung (77)
Nearest Pin
Tony Cheung (77)
Leonard Chu (83)
Alan Shum (77)
Paul Wrobel (78)
According to the La Salle Golfers "local rules", we have donations from the following old boys to fund our future golf events:- John Ribeiro (HK$2,750), Daniel Yung (HK$2,500), Leonard Chu (HK$2,500) and Paul Law (HK$2,250). Thanks!
We sang our school song with 3 cheers for La Salle during the prize-giving dinner at the golf club. The spirit was really high and the other guests there also gave us a great round of applause. We came back on 26/11/2000 and it was after 11:00 p.m. when we arrived at the airport at Chek Lap Kok to conclude our tour.
As a separate note, I am very pleased to report that the golfers have risen to the occasion again when our Alma Mater needs help from the old boys, this time with respect to the La Salle Primary School Redevelopment Project. As proposed by our first timer Dr. Li Che Cheong (69), we managed to raise more than $100,000 for such project during our trip from almost all the participants as well as from other old boy golfers who were unable to join this tour and the donation will be made in the name of "the La Salle Golfers 2000" . Thank you guys for making this possible!
I would also like to thank the following old boys again for their help:- Thomas Tung (77) for bringing his PC and acting as our scorer; Paul Wrobel (78) for arranging our tour; Leonard Chu (83) for acting as our tournament director; Paul Law (78) for arranging the trophies and Joseph Leung (78) for arranging the souvenir golf shirts. Of course I need to thank all the participating old boys for their support in making this event a successful one. See you next time.
Roger Wong
Day 1
The Winners are..
Paul, thanks for your support, money-wise and work-wise. Wish you good luck in your next tournament :)