LSCOBA 2008 Summer Golf Tournament
We had a total of 38 old boys signed up for the event originally scheduled to be held on May 30, 2008. However, owing to the heavy rain and thunderstorm in the morning the day before and unfavourable weather forecast, the organizers decided to postpone the event for 2 weeks. Finally 32 old boys attended the event at CITIC Changping Golf Club in Dongguan, China.
There was no rain that morning when we boarded the coach in Hong Kong, but after we had crossed the border, there were already some light drizzles in Shenzhen. I then received a call from our Mr. President who made his own way to the golf club on his "HK Express" and passed the bad news that we should better be prepared for a dragon boat race rather than golf in Dongguan. It was indeed raining like cats and dogs there, and everyone knew that it was impossible for any golf at all.
We then took the group picture as usual, and sang our school song before we left for dim sum at a nearby hotel owned by an old boy. During the lunch, we had our lucky draw with 4 golf clubs as prizes sponsored by Taylormade, thanks to the contact of Frankie Jim (82). The lunch was subsidized by our defending Champion Caesar To (83) as he was late for the coach that morning.
I was grateful that nobody complained about the cancellation, and wish to thank all the participants for having "...come whatever kind of weather, come the stormy days along...". As usual, my special thanks to Thomas Tung (77) and Ian Kwok (81) for helping me in organizing this event.
(More photos can be found here)
Roger Wong (75)