LSCOBA 2009 Summer Golf Tournament
Probably owing to the current market conditions, we had a rather low number of only 27 old boys signed up for the event held on 12 June 2009 at the Shenzhen Genzon Golf Club. New faces included Philip Chow (77) and Anthony Lee (78), and Miguel Ozorio (78) was welcomed back after an absence of 9 years. This golf club had undergone complete re-design of its golf course recently and the clubhouse is totally new, and all the participants would agree with me that it was a very enjoyable day out to play at this private golf club in very good condition, and we saw no other players there as if the whole golf club was exclusively reserved for us.
Although the weather forecast was not very favourable and there had been doubts as to whether we could go ahead as scheduled, the downpour only affected us for about one hole of play and the day turned out to be very nice for golf. The old boys also enjoyed the good food, the beer, the camaraderie and the good laughs after the round before we headed back home.
The winners were as follows:
Anthony Lee (78)
Warren Wong (78)
Nicholas Wong (82)
Best Score
Warren Wong (78)
Best Front 9
Alex Cheung (70)
Best Back 9
Willie Wong (84)
Longest Drive
Charles Chan (77)
Nearest Pin
David Hsu (73)
Willie Wong (84)
George Chan (78)
Anthony Lee (78)
According to the La Salle Golfers "local" rules, Anthony Lee (78) had made a donation of HK$1,150 each to LSCOBA and to the golfers’ fund, and Warren Wong (78) added a further HK$2,000 to the golfers’ fund to prepare for our celebration of the La Salle Golfers 15th Anniversary by the end of this year.
I would like to thank our secret sponsor Henry Lam (83) (no longer “secret” following announcement of his identity) for his generosity in sponsoring the trophies, and Thomas Tung (77) and Ian Kwok (81) for assisting me in organizing this event. Needless to say, I have to thank all the participants for their kind support. We will celebrate our 15th anniversary in our next event, so stay tuned for further details in due course.
Roger Wong (75)
June 2009