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Please support the The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund Annual Raffle 2018
Date: 08 Apr 2018
The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund 
 The Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund (the Fund) was established in March 2012 by the Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council  under the auspices of the De La Salle Brothers in Hong Kong.  The Brothers are a worldwide Catholic Religious Institution called the Brothers of the Christian Schools, known familiarly in Hong Kong as the De La Salle Brothers.  In Hong Kong, the Brothers are incorporated under the St. Joseph’s College Incorporation Ordinance (Chapter 1048) of the Laws of Hong Kong.  They have been in Hong Kong since 1875 and are the Sponsoring Body of eight De La Salle Brothers Schools including St. Joseph’s College and La Salle College.
The Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council (HKLEC) was established by the Brothers in 2004.  Its role is to advise and assist the Brothers in promoting the Lasallian vision and mission in Hong Kong.  It is chaired by the Head of the Brothers in Hong Kong.  Its members include all the School Supervisors of the Lasallian schools and members of the Lasallian alumni associations in Hong Kong. Current membership of the HKLEC is as follows:
Bro Patrick Tierney (Chairman)
Bro Thomas Lavin
Bro Jeffrey Chan
Mr Wong Mo Ting
Mr Chris Lau
Mr Ho Kong Hin
Mrs Millie Tam
Mr Eric Ku
Mr Nicholas W F Ng
Mr Lester G Huang (Legal Adviser)
Mr Peter Choy
Mr Thomas Wong (Treasurer)
Mr Larry Leung
Mr Kenneth Wong
Mr Cheng Tai Man
Mr Ricky Mak
Purpose and Scope of the Hong Kong Lasallian Fund
The primary purpose of the Fund is to support the programmes and work of the Brothers, with the help and support of the lay partners.  The Brothers operate five secondary and three primary schools in Hong Kong.  They also undertake a range of educational and formation programmes for young people both inside and outside the schools.  
The Fund is not normally used for activities where there are established sources of funding e.g. school programmes or operations funded by the government or by the respective school organisations (Parent-Teacher Associations/Alumni Associations etc).  The Fund is primarily used to supplement resources needed for educational and formation activities in schools and educational centres run by the Brothers.  The HKLEC is the authority for determining whether a particular project should be covered by the Fund.
The following programmes are expected to fall within the ambit of the Fund :
  (a) formation activities including those run by or for the Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council, the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress Hong Kong (APLECHK), the Hong Kong Lasallian Youth Movement, and the Lasallian Volunteers; and
  (b) projects for the needy in Hong Kong, in Mainland China and in other places, run by or in the name of the De La Salle Brothers.
Sources of Funding
The Fund has at the outset taken over some of the assets of the former Hong Kong Lasallian Formation Fund and the Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress Hong Kong, and the Brothers have also made a donation to the Fund. All these amounted to about HK$500,000.  Donations to the Fund qualify for tax exemption as approved by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department.
Additions to the Fund come from donations or specific fund-raising programmes to be mounted by the HKLEC. We have since 2014 introduced the Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund Annual Raffle within the Lasallian Family to both project the image of the HKLEC and publicize the programmes of the Brothers as well as to generate some income for the Fund.  Raffle tickets are sold within the Lasallian schools and among alumni.
Projects Sponsored
Some of the Lasallian projects and activities supported by the Fund
in the past few years include the following:
(a) La Salle Study Centre in China
(b) Brothers formation in Myanmar
(c) De La Salle Secondary School’s Students Support Programme
(d) The Bamboo School Project in Thailand
(e) Lasallian Leadership Camp 2014
(f) Sponsorship of Hong Kong Lasallians’ attendance at the 10th and 11th Asia-Pacific Lasallian Youth Congresses (APLYC10 & APLYC11)
(g) Sponsorship of Hong Kong Lasallians’ attendance at the UMAEL Congress
(h) Sponsorship of Hong Kong Lasallians’ attendance at the 9th Asia Pacific Lasallian Educators’ Congress (APLEC 9)