Atease Healthcare Limited (sole distributor of JointOK 關捷健)
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 JointOK 關捷健 專利膠原微份子 (沖劑) 
關捷健® 是德國GELITA研製的專利活性膠原蛋白肽微份子,配方獨特,成份天然,經美國哈佛大學醫學院和德國數十年至今多項臨床研究證明: 吸收率95%,並直達關節組織,提供營養及啟動軟骨細胞令軟骨組織自然增長再生,安全有效地保護和修補損耗關節軟骨及週邊結締組織,減緩退化,舒緩痛楚,促進關節健康,更可幫助肌膚保濕和回復彈性。 
修護關節軟骨 舒緩關節痛楚 改善關節活動 
增強筋腱韌帶 肌膚緊緻柔滑 
2008年度Frost&Sullivan 歐洲保健食品大獎 
歐洲藥品質量管理局藥典品質 (EDQM) 認證 
沖劑,每天1包(10 克),混和於冷或暖開水、飲料如湯、荳奶、牛奶、奶茶咖啡等,或食品如粥、燕麥、乳酪等,攪拌後飲或食用。( 溫度低於 50°C ) 
Please contact the following old boys by phone or whatsapp for further product information and order at special discounted price (for LSCOBA members only). 
Stanley Shum (79) : 97511032 
Conrad Lam (79) : 97876847 
Kwok Kar Tak, Ian (81) : 96319269 
Leung Kwok Kwong, Pius (81) : 91051151 
Stephen Ho (86) : 64909981
Chan Kai Pan, Brian (10): 63797870 

Above old boys are authorized dealers of Atease Healthcare Ltd. Payment can be made by cash or to their personal bank accounts.
Atease Healthcare Ltd 
Validity : 24 Apr 2017 to 22 Apr 2018
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