Muaythai Station Limited
Muaythai Group Class Discount for LSCOBA
Muaythai has become very popular among people from all walks of life in Hong Kong, for the ease of access for all participants, MUAYTHAI STATION has picked a convenient location in WANCHAI and have been serving the community since 2011. For authentic Muaythai experience, MUAYTHAI STATION hired Thai trainers to provide same training quality that rivals top Muaythai Gym in Thailand.
MUAYTHAI STATION’s extended business hours enables busy participants to freely join training sessions as early as noon, afternoon sessions and until night classes. Our Environment is clean and hygienic, with changing rooms and showers cater to your comfort. The gym is equipped with full arrays of Fitness Equipments that is installed under complete safety provisions, with the instruction from enthusiastic and experienced trainer, participants can enjoy the optimal fitness results.
In 2018, MUAYTHAI STATION proudly extend our service to Causeway Bay, with multiple Hong Kong Muaythai Champion joining our coaching team. MUAYTHAI STATION shall continue to provide the best experience to people who train for fitness as well as marital arts and combat fanatics.
Courses Description
Typical courses runs for about 1hr 15min. Trainer will start leading warm ups that include stretching and basic muaythai moves. Follow with combination drills on the punching bags. After that Trainers will call on participants for several rounds of 1 on 1 pad work training. And there will be Group physical training and cool down stretches to finish the training.
Validity : 01 Apr 2018 to 30 Apr 2019
Terms and Conditions / Remarks

•  LSC Old Boyrs must identify themselves prior to trial and purchase.
•  Validation of all Packages are subject to the dicretion of Muaythai Station final decision.  

Note to Users
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